Introducing …. The Team Behind the Air Show

The RAF Cosford Air Show would not be the amazing event that it is today without the huge team effort behind the scenes from the RAF Cosford personnel. In the run up to the Air Show on Sunday 14th June, we will be chatting to various members of this team to give you an insight into the organisation of our event.

The first person we would like to introduce is the Chairman of the Air Show, Wing Commander Rich Neasom.

As Chairman of the Air Show, what are you responsible for?

In simple terms it is to make sure the event is a success. I provide the formal Royal Air Force single point of contact, so I guess the buck stops with me! In reality I am liaising closely with Clive, the Air Show Director, and his team who work all year round to set the commercial and display elements up. There is also a huge support presence from the people at RAF Cosford, so I am there to help all the project managers deliver the best and safest show possible.

What are the main challenges with the organisation of RAF Cosford Air Show?

The scale of the event and the number of people involved in running it is right up there. With over 50,000 people attending plus hundreds of staff and stall holders oh and all the visiting aircraft, coordinating it all safely is certainly going to be a challenge. Of course, the Show is a major engagement opportunity for the Royal Air Force, so ensuring the Public get to see the RAF at its best is also a challenge but also a great privilege.

What will you be doing on Air Show Day?

By the actual Air Show Day, a huge amount of preparation will have been done by the Air Show Team, the staff at RAF Cosford and the exhibitors and stall holders too of course. I will be trying to enjoy the day the same as everyone else while providing support to my team leaders. I will also be on hand from dawn to closedown to help deal with any issues. It will be a long but very rewarding day.

What is your favourite part of Air Show day?

The buzz around the event is magical, it is almost like a party atmosphere. There really are few events that can offer such a variety of activities and in our case now we are the only Royal Air Force Airshow. Helping to make the day so memorable for the thousands who are there feels great.

What has been your most memorable Air Show moment?

I have been involved in a handful of Cosford Air Shows in my career so there are a few, although this is my first (and only) chance to be the Chairman. I was the Training Specialist on the Typhoon Operational Conversion Unit in the past, where I could watch the Typhoon display almost daily at close quarters. I am still blown away by the Typhoon Display every time I see it, the Jet is incredible.

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