Christmas Quiz

Questions and Answers

Photo Credits: Threshold.Aero, Centre of Aviation Photography, Tim Wicker and RAF Photographers

Question 1

Name the plane – this aircraft was on static display in 2018 and 2019 at the RAF Cosford Air Show, but what is it?

Answer – Boulton Paul Balliol

Question 2

A regular visitor to the RAF Cosford Air Show, who can be found causing mischief outside the STEM Hangar, but what is his name?

Answer – Titan

Question 3

When did the USAF B-52 most recently give RAF Cosford Air Show a flypast?

Answer – 2017

Question 4

They played a starring role in the 2019 static display, but what are they?

Answer – Jet Provosts

Question 5

The very first RAF Cosford Air Show, originally called Parents’ Day, was in what year?

Answer – 1939

Question 6

The Red Arrows are always a huge hit with our visitors and never fail to deliver a breath-taking display. But what is the name of this Red Arrows formation?

Answer – Phoenix

Question 7

What year did this aircraft last display at RAF Cosford Air Show?

Answer – 2015

Question 8

The RAF Cosford Air Show includes hangars packed full of interactive activities for all ages, showcasing STEM skills and careers within the RAF and industry. But what does STEM stand for?

Answer – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Question 9

RAF Cosford is home the RAF School of Physical Training. How old will the School be in 2020?

Answer – 102,  the School was formed in the same year as the RAF

Question 10

Which World War II transporter aircraft was remarked especially for our RAF100 Air Show?

Answer – DC-3 Dakota

Question 11

The Vintage Village at the RAF Cosford Air Show is always a highly popular area on the showground, full of vintage aircraft, a vintage fayre and entertaining re-enactors. But which re-enactor can always be found giving an historic speech from the bandstand in the centre of the village?

Answer – Winston Churchill

Question 12

Can you name this plane?

Answer – Gloster Gladiator

Question 13

Predecessor to the RAF Red Arrows, which display team flew this aircraft which performed at the 2019 Air Show?

Answer – The Red Pelicans

Question 14

What is the name of wartime operation celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2020, that saw allied Prisoners of War returning to the UK through RAF Cosford?

Answer – Operation Exodus

Question 15

What year was the Airbus A400m Atlas on static display at RAF Cosford Air Show?

Answer – 2017

Question 16

How many different ground trades undertake their specialist training at RAF Cosford?

Answer – Seven (Avionics Technician, Mechanical Technician, Weapon Technician, Survival Equipment Technician, ICT technician, RAF PTI and RAF Photographer)

Question 17

There are lots of opportunities to sit in open cockpits at the RAF Cosford Air Show. But which facsimile aircraft’s cockpit is this future pilot sat in?

Answer – Typhoon

Question 18

We are lucky to have the RAF Museum on the site of the RAF Cosford Air Show. There is always a great selection of vintage aircraft brought out of the museum hangars for our event. What iconic aircraft did the museum celebrate this summer with a series of events?

Answer – Spitfire

Question 19

Last appeared on static display in 2018, name the aircraft

Answer – Eurocopter EC135

Question 20

How many different types of aircraft are used at RAF Cosford to train our technicians?

Answer – Six (Jaguar, Tornado, Hawk, Jet Provost, Sea King, Typhoon (facsimile))

Question 21

What is the name of this iconic RAF interceptor which can be seen on static display, as part of our Fighter Meet theme, at the RAF Cosford Air Show 2020?

Answer – Tornado F3

Question 22

RAF Cosford Air Show is a self-funded event and all money raised is donated to the four RAF charities. What are these charities?

Answer – RAF Association, RAF Benevolent Fund, RAF Museum, RAF Charitable Trust

Question 23

As well as the Orion in the flying display, the German Navy also sent this maritime helicopter for static display at last year’s Air Show, but what is it?

Answer – Sea Lynx

Question 24

The Merlin HM2 is always popular with our visitors, but which naval squadron flew the aircraft to RAF Cosford last year?

Answer – 814 Naval Air Squadron