Each year the Royal Air Force Cosford Air Show promotes a number of themes which we use to help focus the displays on offer each year, showcasing a wide spectrum of military aviation. Ours themes will be represented across the show, with spectacular set-piece flying displays, interactive static displays and exciting articles in our souvenir programme.




Today in Defence, working with international partners is essential. Both on combat operations and in training, working alongside allies makes a whole force concept work. Recent examples include Royal Air Force Typhoons being deployed on NATO Baltic Air Policing duties and large scale exercises such as Ex Trident Juncture 2015. We aim to showcase the importance of international co-operation with participation of military aircraft from our partner nations in both the flying & static displays but also focus on aircraft which are manufactured in multinational environments, from the Airbus family of airliners to combat aircraft such as the Eurofighter Typhoon.




A major part of the RAF Cosford Air Show is the ‘STEM initiative’ which aims to inspire young people to follow careers in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. Part of this will be our theme focusing on ‘Space’. Space is an enabling domain and an operating environment in its own right. 90% of military capability is assessed as having a dependency on space, particularly for GPS navigation and timing functions. The Royal Air Force has a space monitoring capability at RAF Fylingdales which for many years has been the cornerstone of the UK’s space surveillance effort. Additionally, the UK has had a key role in space technology and leads the field in satellite development. Our ‘Space’ theme will also highlight the rich history of the UK’s involvement in space technology by showcasing exciting exhibits from several public displays.




Our operational theme this year will be showcasing the role of airpower, past and present, in supporting soldiers on the ground during times of conflict. From fast-jet aircraft which deliver Close Air Support, to helicopters which play a pivotal role in troop transportation, to ISTAR aircraft which give battlefield commanders vital intelligence; the full spectrum of air power operations will be demonstrated as part of our Battlefield Support theme. This theme will run throughout the flying display and will also be displayed in a unique ‘deployed operating base’ static display with support infrastructure and vehicles on display alongside appropriate combat helicopters.
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