Airsound“We are always delighted to be invited to do the commentary at Cosford” says Airsound commentator Sean Maffett. “The people here have a knack of scheduling all the favourites alongside more unusual aircraft. That refreshes the entire show, and it gives us a commentary challenge that we really enjoy.” Airsound producer Jonathan Ruffle agrees:“Wit h tickets sold out most years, they could afford to rest on their hard-earned laurels; but, instead, Cosford is the most supportive airshow in the UK when it comes to the unique and innovative displays we’ve created with them.”

Sean again: ”The show is, of course, run by a vastly experienced team. But it also draws on the services of newer members of the RAF - who never fail to remind us how helpful, lively and funny the young RAF can be. Cosford is a great show to be part of.”