Airsound  -  that’s producer Jonathan Ruffle and commentator Sean Maffett  -  notched up its tenth Cosford  show commentary in 2013.   But longevity is, quite rightly, no guarantee of continued employment.   So we were not surprised to be asked to justify our tenure of this much-prized slot in the panoply of British air shows.   Imagine our delight, then, when air show  director Amanda Butcher (ex RAF Wing Commander) let us know that we’d got the contract again for 2014.

Because Cosford is special.    It’s one of only two public air shows on a current RAF station, having survived more than one threat to its continued existence.   It doesn’t have the huge footprint of the other show, at Waddington in Lincolnshire  -  but what it does have is the much more intimate feel of a pretty, historic old aerodrome.   

But even more importantly, it boasts great people putting the show together.   Flying display director Bill Hartree (another retired Wing Commander) always manages  to coalesce the old air show favourites with the more unusual aeroplanes.  And he’s not afraid to venture deeper into the stories behind matters aeronautical.   In 2013, we showcased the extraordinary work of the  Medical Emergency Response Teams, the MERTs, in Afghanistan.   That bit of the show involved Chinook and Apache helicopters, as well as a man with no legs and only one arm.   His life had been saved by a MERT.  It was so popular, we hope to do it again this year.

So Airsound is chuffed to be with you again in 2014.